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Chairman’s Corner

It has been over 6 months since I was elected as the new chairman for our town.  I am grateful to all those who voted in the election and grateful for the opportunity to serve as your chairman.  It is my intention to do what I may to keep Cable a friendly, vibrant place to live.  In the last six months, I have learned a great deal about how local government works and how all the pieces fit together.  We are fortunate to have some truly excellent people working very hard on behalf of our town, and I am humbled to be able to work alongside them.

Things are happening in Cable, and your Town Board has been very active in making decisions to further those values that have been identified as primary for our citizens.  As we engaged in conversation through the Cable Tomorrow process this summer, certain words emerged that described our citizens and our town.  They are: quaint, friendly, diverse, sense of pride, charming, character, clean, and amazing.  Whatever we do in Cable, we seek to retain these characteristics for our great little town.

So, what has been happening lately?  Well, lots!  Here’s only a partial list:

  • A new public restroom was completed just prior to Fall Fest. This was the culmination of a lot of work from a whole bunch of people and was completed only through the generous donations of both residents and visitors alike.  The restroom is now closed for the winter season, but will be reopened in the spring to serve the needs of all of us through the summer months.  When we reopen it, we will plan a ribbon-cutting ceremony and perhaps a ceremonial “first flush!”
  • Brakken Street, a road behind the old Corner Bar that had been almost completely unused for years, was discontinued. This was an important step in setting the stage for a brand new fantastic bar/restaurant to be built this coming spring and summer.  In addition to the new building, there will be open green space for our citizens to use.
  • Bayfield County and the town have been working with a potential developer of the Telemark Resort, and there is cause for optimism that, sometime soon, the dilapidated property may be redeveloped into something marvelous. A series of rather large steps still must happen for this to become a reality, but we are hopeful!
  • A system of new family-friendly walking and biking trails have been developed in the forest behind the Community Centre. Marvin Fagg donated this land to the town years ago, and thus the forest is now referred to as the Marvin Fagg Memorial Forest. Ned and Kathy Zuelsdorff and the Cable Community Farm both have land adjoining the forest and the new system of Cable Town Trails crosses their land as well.  Many thanks to Ned, Cathy and the farm for granting access!  These trails will be an excellent, readily accessible way for both residents and visitors alike to stay active year ‘round.  There is a new kiosk in the northwest corner of the Community Centre parking lot that will soon have a map of the new trails.

You will be hearing more about each of these projects in the coming weeks and months with accompanying pictures.  Be sure that you are on the town mailing list and check out the town website often to find out about current and future projects and events.  Further, please remember that we are always looking for help, and would welcome your participation on one of our Action Teams.

Again, many thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve as your chairman.  It is a great privilege, and I pledge to do my level best.

Art Hancock


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A summary of the town trail users for the past 72 days:
– Including the community hike there have been a total of 600 users recorded
– Excluding the community hike (70 people) there are an average of 530/72 or 7.4 users/day
– There was only one day when no user was recorded


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